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NN 2x Vanilla

Now playing 40 / 100 players

Map: Procedural Map | Wiped: 03/14/2020 18:50:59

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Server Rules

Many players here are trying to learn the dynamics of this game, and the community is mostly helpful to other players. If you aren’t sure, just ask.

Group Limit Main 2x
Max group limit 4. This goes for roaming/raiding as well. You cannot have more than 4 people attached to a single TC, or have more than 4 bodies associated per base (even sleeping) no matter the situation. This rule is strictly enforced. For any other special situations such as compounds with 4+ and so on also fall into this rule.
Simply put, don’t do it here. If you are caught you will be permanently banned; NO EXCEPTIONS.
There is no racism tolerated in this server. We are a community server and it will be enforced as such. This includes racial slurs, “wall art” on bases (swastika kids, this is your only warning) which is deemed offensive. This is a zero tolerance rule.
Anyone caught using an in-game glitch or exploit will be kicked and made to talk with server admins before rejoining. We know this is rust and there are going to be bugs; don’t abuse them here.
Toxic behavior
Anyone caught being overly toxic or aggressive to other players will be banned from our server. General ass-hattery will be given a warning in game, please don’t ruin this game for other people.