Max group limit is 8 players. This goes for roaming/raiding as well. You cannot have more than 8 people attached to a single TC, or have more than 8 bodies associated per base (even sleeping) no matter the situation. No exceptions are made for allies, friends and other smaller groups. (Building next to your ally and helping defend is not allowed.) This rule is strictly enforced. For any other special situations such as compounds with 8+ and so on also fall into this rule. If 1 of your team members has decided to stop playing and you wish to replace them, you MUST remove any remnant of them living in the base or you risk punishment for exceeding group limit. Ex. Door codes, TC, turrets, sleeping bags, etc.

Hacking is not tolerated on our server. If you suspect a player is cheating, please supply our staff with as much evidence as possible in your report. Dont forget to use the ingame F7 report function aswell to ensure the player is game-banned as fast as possible!

Any players trying to work around a ban will have their new account(s) banned unless the original ban has been reversed.

Cheaters and Hackers ruin the game, so anyone found teaming or working with a hacker will also be punished. Our system now works on a "Three Strike" system. On your first strike, you will receive a temporary ban of up to 30 day(s). On your second strike, you will be banned for up to 60 day(s) (subject to a Ban Appeal on our website - Ban Appeal) and on the final strike, you will be banned permanently.
Please note that we advise players only team or work with those who can be trusted, such as family or close friends, as there is always a risk when working with random players.

Aggresive behavior will not net you any punishment on our server, its part of the game. However if someones actions start impacting the whole server it can warrant a punishment. A good example of toxic behavior would be spamming chat.

Signs containing any type of offensive slurs or bigotry may be removed without warning. In extreme circumstances further actions may be necessary.

Doxing is the act of releasing the personal information of another player. Offenses of this will result in an immediate ban.

Publicly hating/disrespecting staff members will result in action taken against the individuals who do so.

We have a zero tolerance rule against racism. That being said, our bots and moderator cannot catch everything. If you feel someone is being racist please gather as much evidence as possible for your report.

We are aware that rust is still in developement and there are bugging aspects of the game. Do not abuse any bugs or glitches or you are subject to punishment.

Here on NamelessNoobs our staff team is not allowed to play on our server as a regular player, they are only here to moderate. If you think an admin is abusing their power please contact a "Global Moderator" in our discord to report the issue.

VPN usage is strictly prohibited on our servers. Any players found to be using a VPN will be immediately kicked and will not be whitelisted for any reason.